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Mailing Address:
Art Conservation Department
The State Russian Museum
4 Inzhenernaya St.
St. Petersburg, 191186

+7 (812) 314-7118


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Mikhailovsky Palace | The State Russian Museum. 2013

The Art Conservation Department of the Russian Museum is a contemporary scientific conservation center that consists of 16 laboratories that currently employ 95 people. They are mainly art conservators of the higher and first categories, as well as researchers who work in divisions that conduct biochemical research on works of art, and divisions concerned with the theory and history of museum conservation and coordinating conservation activities.

The department engages in all kinds of work related to art conservation and research related to works of art, from monuments of Old Kievan Rus to contemporary art objects. All of the conservators have specialized education in art and art conservation. Many have undergone additional training at art conservation centers in Europe and the United States. 

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