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What's New? (In Russian)
Last news of the Art Conservation Department of the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg. Most interesting events and artworks in the process of restoration.  Scientific conferences, workshops, seminars...

What is Art Conservation?
What does it mean - "conservation of fine art masterpieces at the museum? Painting conservation, paper conservation and etc in the museum...

Conservation Department
Structure. Laboratories. Restorers or conservators? Standing plan, specific...

Scientific Research
The scientific analysis for the examination of artwork (microscope's research, spectrometers, various x-ray regime instr
uments, infrared reflectography and etc.) and chemical analysis...

History of Department
Stages of initiation and development of the art department...

Who we are? Conservators. Restorers. Scientists. Photographers...

Реставрация византийской иконы XVI века "Распятие" | Отдел реставрации музейных ценностей Русского музея

The Art Conservation Department
The State Russian Museum

Inzhenernaya Street 4, St.Petersburg, 191186, Russia
Phone: +7 (812) 314-7118

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