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What's New?
The latest news from the Art Conservation Department of St. Petersburg’s Russian Museum. Intriguing restoration/conservation projects and interesting events. Academic conferences, workshops, seminars.

Artwork Conservation
What is fine art conservation? Conservation project of the year. Masterpiece restoration.

Department Divisions
Organizational Structure. Sub-departments. History. Research.

Technological Analysis
Physical (X-ray, UV-ray, X-ray fluorescence), biological, and chemical analysis methods used at the museum.

History of the Department
Our coservators and restorers. Evolution of the department.

How to reach us: address, telephone, e-mail. Restorers and Conservators. Research specialists. Photographers.

Video of artwork restoration done in the Russian Museum

Frame conservation and restoration at the Russian Museum Conservation Department

The Art Conservation Department
The State Russian Museum

Inzhenernaya Street 4, St.Petersburg, 191186, Russia
Phone: +7 (812) 314-7118

What's New? | Artwork Conservation I Department Divisions | Technological Analysis | History of the Department Contacts | Video I Русская версия

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