Art Conservation Department of the State Russian Museum, St.Petersburg

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Artwork Conservation
What is fine art conservation? Conservation project of the year. Masterpiece restoration.

Department Divisions
Organizational Structure. Sub-departments. History. Research.

Technological Analysis
Physical (X-ray, UV-ray, X-ray fluorescence), biological, and chemical analysis methods used at the museum.

History of the Department
Our coservators and restorers. Evolution of the department.

How to reach us: address, telephone, e-mail. Restorers and Conservators. Research specialists. Photographers.

Video of artwork restoration done in the Russian Museum

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The Art Conservation Department
The State Russian Museum

Inzhenernaya Street 4, St.Petersburg, 191186, Russia
Phone: +7 (812) 314-7118

Artwork Conservation I Department Divisions | Technological Analysis | History of the Department Contacts | Video I Русская версия

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